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Our FPA Chapter heard live from John Loper of the CFP Board at our December meeting.  This update is a summary of his message.  
A Message from the FPA President and CFP Board Chair December 2015

Dear FPA Member,

The advancement of the financial planning profession with the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification as its cornerstone is a noble mission. And while FPA and CFP Board have made remarkable gains over the past 30 years, we still face challenges that must be overcome to realize our goal of being a truly recognized profession.

Currently, there are insufficient numbers of young CFP® professionals representing America's gender and ethnic diversity to meet the public’s demand for the delivery of quality financial planning. The gap between supply and demand is just too great.

Over the past few years, CFP Board and FPA have developed a close strategic relationship as partners in the Financial Planning Coalition and through other endeavors. Through CFP Board’s new Center for Financial Planning and FPA’s ongoing national and local chapter efforts in areas such as its NexGen community, student chapters, Residency program, mentoring program, diversity initiative, and a variety of career development programs, CFP Board and FPA, along with other organizations and companies in the profession, will work to close the gap.

There are some who question the roles for CFP Board and FPA and whether we are working at cross-purposes or wasting valuable resources through duplicated efforts.

To us, our respective roles are as follows: CFP Board's job is to "mint" planners, while FPA's job, as the professional membership association for CFP® professionals, is to "nurture" them.

While the line between “minting” planners and “nurturing” planners is usually clear, there may be times when some of our initiatives overlap. Some overlap is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as we strive to ensure our efforts are complementary, because addressing the workforce development and diversity challenges facing the profession is bigger than any one organization can accomplish.

Our intention and commitment is to work together to leverage our strengths and maximize our resources to reduce confusion and overlap. We cannot afford to do otherwise. We are invested in each other’s success and we have plans in place to ensure that we work strategically to help one another achieve mutual goals.

Edward W. Gjertsen II, CFP® Richard P. Rojeck, CFP® 

2015 President Chair, Board of Directors 

Financial Planning Association (FPA) Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc.

Thank You for Your Referral

Thanks for Your Referral

As you are already aware, CFP Board recently announced the launch of their Center for Financial Planning to grow the ranks of CFP® professionals while increasing diversity in the profession and conducting research to further build the academic-oriented body of knowledge. We know there are many questions about CFP Board’s plans, so we have taken steps to understand the purpose and specific activities of the new Center and the roles FPA and CFP Board share in building the profession.

At the November FPA Board of Directors meeting, we had a very productive dialogue with CFP Board leadership, which primarily focused on the Center. The purpose of the discussion was to ensure that our two organizations do not work at cross-purposes and instead that we leverage our strengths and roles to build the profession appropriately. Attached is a joint letter from FPA and CFP Board that reflects the major themes that emerged from the conversations.

The point of this letter is to assure chapter leaders, who are the strategic and programmatic boots on the ground for the profession, that FPA national leaders are being very diligent in engaging CFP Board about the current and future plans for the Center. On its face, the mission of the Center is very much aligned with some of the core elements in FPA’s strategic plan. With that said, FPA will continue to be the primary advocate for CFP® professionals when we are not aligned.

Our goal is to support any efforts that advance the financial planning profession and appropriately strengthen both the membership association for CFP® professionals and the body that certifies CFP® professionals. That’s why it is essential that both organizations embrace the concept that CFP Board “mints” CFP® professionals and FPA “nurtures” CFP® professionals. The intent now is to make sure that “minting” and “nurturing” is more clearly defined and that we are leveraging our respective roles and efforts.

The FPA Board of Directors, with your support and leadership, will continue to work on your behalf and on behalf of the profession.


Lauren Schadle Signature 

Lauren M. Schadle, CAE
Executive Director/CEO






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