“The financial seminar was truly life changing for me. I can hardly believe the changes that have occurred.”
–FPA pro bono client


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Pro Bono

Use your skills to help people in need in times of need

Across the country, members of the Financial Planning Association® are helping people who need financial planning assistance but cannot access it. Many who might benefit most from financial planning do not have the income or assets needed to pay for it. People fleeing a domestic abuse situation. Or struggling to escape from homelessness. Or striving to emerge from the low income paycheck-to-paycheck merry-go-round by saving toward an education or a business. People who need help to create budgets, manage credit, build savings and work toward life goals.

That is where FPA pro bono financial planning volunteers can help by providing advice that is free of charge and not linked to any sales or promotion of products or services. They do it to help the less fortunate. Out of pride in their profession. Because it’s the right thing to do.

What exactly does pro bono financial planning entail? The words pro bono from the Latin phrase pro bono publico, meaning “for the public good.” In practice, they refer to professional services provided free of charge to those in need. Pro bono financial planning thus is a form of charity, with no sales or marketing purpose.

As a charitable activity, the FPA Pro Bono Program primarily targets those with the least access to financial planning. That means underserved populations, as well as the nonprofit organizations that serve them. Chapters and members may also choose to serve others touched by circumstances such as disasters and medical crises.

Actual services provided may include one-on-one counseling or group seminars. Engagements are usually short-term and limited to advice, avoiding implementation and monitoring. Services are usually provided in partnership with a nonprofit community-based organization, which can help planners access, understand and assist pro bono clients.

Learn more about FPA’s pro bono program – including guidelines, advice and resources – by visiting www.FPAprobono.org, contacting your chapter pro bono director, or contacting the Pro Bono Services
Department. Join the FPA pro bono team today!