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Please amend HR842, protecting the right to organize, which is before the United States Senate. Here's what you need to know:

• It imposes the restrictive ABC test which assumes workers are employees unless all elements of the test are met. We believe this test could result in the reclassification of financial advisors and financial planners as employees.

• We want the legislation amended to either exclude financial advisors and financial planners or amended to narrow the ABC test so that it is not as sweeping.

Members of Congress need to hear from you to understand your concerns and fully understand the impact of including financial planners in changes to how independent contractors are classified. A letter has been drafted for you and is available in the advocacy platform, VoterVoice.

Follow these simple directions to voice your support for this legislation:

1) Click on the link below.

2) A sample letter will appear.

3) To the right of the sample letter, enter your name in “customize your signature.”

4) Enter your information

5) Click “send message.”

Thank you for your help! Josephine Colacci, Esq. [email protected] Public Policy Counsel FPA

Click the link below to log in and send your message:




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